Want To Grow Your Online Business?

Do Not Have Enough Money To Build Business From Scratch?

Join House of Farins

Want To Grow Your Online Business?

Join As A Franchise of The House of Farins in Bangladesh

Fully Online Based Franchise Model. No Shop Required.

Regional Domination

Be Our Only Representative In Your Region. No Shop Required. You Can Sell Through Our Online Business Model.

Ready Business Method

To Build a Business From Scratch, You Need Money and Experience/Practical Knowledge. Here You Have No Need To Have Business Mind, Just Deliver The Product. We Will Give You Full Backup.

No Competition

Be The Only Distributor in Your Area. No Competition.

Why You Should Join House of Farins?

  • Business Experience is Not Mandatory. House of Farins Will Support Your To Grow.
  • No Need To Take Shop. You Can Sell Products Online.
  • No Need to Build Your Business From Scratch.
  • We Will Give You Our Brand Name.
  • We Will Train You To Increase Sales.
  • In Your Region/Area We Will Not Give Authorization to Another Person To Sell Our Product. So You Are The Only Distributor of The House of Farins in Your Area. No Competition.
  • No Marketing Cost. We Will Do Marketing For You.
  • You Will Get Our Ready Customer Base.
  • Franchise Will Get The Access of The Regional Official Platform.

How Will You Grow With House of Farins?

Limited Investment & Low Risk

To get a brand’s franchise/distributorship, at first, you need to take a shop. But in our franchise model you have no need to take a shop. You will invest on products only. We will not take any profit from you when you are buying products from us.


If you take 50 products and the manufacturing cost is 30,000 BDT, we will give you the products on 30,000 BDT. We will not make profit from you when we are selling our products to you. It’s a security deposit. 

How We Will Make Profit?

We Will take 40% of your monthly profit.

What is The Minimum Order Quantity?

There is no minimum order quantity. You can take one dress to unlimited.

Who Else Will Sell Our Products in Your Area?

This is the most exceptional and important part of our franchise model. In your area we will not authorize any other person to sell our products. So when a customer needs to buy our product, she has no other option but to take from you.

What Should Be Your Profit Margin?

As House of Farins is an international fashion brand, you can not increase or decrease the retail price. We will set the price which will be equal everywhere. But as you are representing House of Farins, we will support our franchise by providing good profit margin.

How You Will Do Marketing?

You have no need to do marketing. House of Farins will do marketing for you in your area.

Terms and Conditions

  • Final Registration Deposit - 20,000 BDT (Per Year)
  • Product Purchase - No Limit
  • All Franchise Partners of The House of Farins Should Maintain The Standard Operational Procedures.
  • You Should Ensure That You Are Able To Deliver the Product Within 24 Hours in Your Region.
  • You Can Not Use Your Own Platform. You Should Maintain our Regional Social Media Platform.

Join The House of Farins And Lead The Market

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